Abortion Decriminalised in Queensland

Abortion Decriminalised in Queensland

Almost ten years to the day after Victoria created the most liberal abortion laws in the world, Queensland has followed suit and decriminalised abortion there. While many thought the change was a foregone conclusion due to the reigning Labor government’s self-avowed love of baby-killing, there was hope that the law could be voted down by the many pro-life parliamentarians, notably from the LNP. But the final vote was 51 to 41 in favour of abortion law reform.

Three LNP members crossed the floor to vote for the bill: Tim Nicholls, Jann Stuckey and Steve Minnikin. Remember those names.

This law passed despite months of intense campaigning from pro-life groups and individuals, including many fora held to educate voting MPs about the reality of abortion. It is also despite the last abortion bill, upon which this present one is based, being rejected as being ‘too extreme.’

Queenslanders can never say that didn’t realise what this law meant. Those who support abortion know that abortionists admit to performing abortions on women who are being coerced. They know that now abortion will be legal through all nine months of pregnancy. They also have been told in no uncertain terms that women and men suffer after abortion – a fact that MPs during the debate denied. And they know that there is a credible concern that exclusion-zones are unconstitutional.

While the US seems to be on the way to tightening up abortion law, Australia is doing exactly the opposite: making abortion even more freely available than it is now, destroying free speech by increasing the number of exclusion-zones and desensitising the public to the horror of baby-killing.

Here are some quotes from the abortion lobby:


And here are some comments from the pro-life MPs:



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