Abortionist Calls Ultrasound Baby a 'Little Black Hole'

Abortionist Calls Ultrasound Baby ‘A Little Dark Hole.’


From time to time, I think about a strange comment made by a doctor on the ABC documentary ” Inside the Clinic“. [Unfortunately, only the trailer is available now; I had made a transcript when it was first released.] The program followed the day-to-day workings inside the abortion facility where I once witnessed in suburban Melbourne. Some of my friends were interviewed for the program.

This is the same doco that I wrote about in the article: “The Australian Abortionist Who Wants America’s Dead Babies” . In that post, I talked about a doctor from this same abortion facility who said she enjoyed her work and ‘was inspired’ by it. So …. she enjoys killing babies for a living.

A male doctor is also featured, and was shown assessing an ultrasound image of a 7 week foetus. He said that the ultrasound showed a ‘dark little hole’ consistent with this gestation.


What is a Pregnancy?

This has always troubled me, because pro-lfers are constantly being told that a baby of this age is ‘just a clump of cells’, a ‘blob of tissue’, ‘non-sentient’, ‘not even alive.’ We’ve long known that abortion industry staff are fond of referring to a newly-conceived human baby in these terms – either these or something known as a ‘pregnancy’.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary definition of ‘a pregnancy’ is

   1: the quality of being pregnant (as in meaning); 

       2the condition of being pregnant :gestation; 

       3an instance of being pregnant

That is, a pregnancy is a state of being.
However, abortion providers often describe an abortion as ‘removing a pregnancy’, eg as found on this Marie Stopes website:
Surgical abortion in the first trimester is a low-risk procedure with a high success rate of greater than 98%. A doctor uses gentle suction to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. The procedure takes between 5–15 minutes and is usually performed under intravenous (twilight) sedation. Local anaesthetic can be used if preferred. (Emphasis added.)
How can a procedure remove a condition?
A procedure may remove something (a tumour, a tooth, or an organ) which leads to a change in the condition. For example, an appendectomy removes an appendix; it doesn’t remove appendicitis. Similarly, surgery doesn’t remove cancer – it removes a tumour. And abortion doesn’t remove pregnancy: it kills a foetus, or baby, or child which terminates the pregnancy.

A Baby at 7 Weeks

Back to our 7 week baby, who in the documentary was about to be aborted.

This article may not be very scientific, but it certainly shows a number of ultrasounds of babies at 7 weeks’ gestation. And sure enough, each monitor shows an image of a dark hole. But inside each ‘dark hole’ is a tiny baby, as ‘big as a lima bean’. And this video clearly shows a tiny heart beating at 7 weeks.

So the not-so-helpful abortionist failed to mention the baby resting securely in its mother’s womb. No wonder abortion providers are loathe to allow mothers to see these ultrasound images. As abortionist-turned-prolifer Dr. Bernard Nathanson said:

“Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.”

Perhaps also fewer people would call abortion an ‘ordinary medical procedure’ if they were allowed to see the ultrasound screen during an abortion.


Kathy Clubb

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