Gender Theory's Tragic Sequel

Gender Theory’s Tragic Sequel

Judith Butler and other queer theorists have created a frightening culture of vulnerable, sexually-confused young people. While trans academics sip their soy lattes and jet around the world, being lauded for spouting their fashionable gobbledygook, emotionally-wounded children take their crazy ideas onboard and run with them.

The most extreme form of this trend for transitioning is a complete sex-change. The video below tracks a young British girl’s progress as she transitions to a male body, primarily by taking testosterone (known as ‘T’). Along the way, her breasts are surgically removed. A second video is available on Youtube, which shows ‘Jamie’ going through the procedure to transform her genitals.

This is wrong. This is abuse. This is not normal behaviour.

Where was the support for this young girl who so obviously had psychological issues that impaired her self-identity? Where were the professionals who could have kindly and sensitively guided her through her emotional insecurities with common sense and dignity?

This outcome is truly heartbreaking.

Gender theorist quacks don’t go through this ordeal. They simply throw around insane ideas, mix in some feminist buzzwords and pop-psychology, then sit back and gain wealth and fame from indulging their perverted attractions. Children, wounded by who knows what trauma, take on those ideas and make irreparable changes to their psyches and bodies, encouraged by arrogant teachers and counsellors who think they know better than God Himself.


Kathy Clubb

Kathy Clubb

Editor, The Freedoms Project

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