High Court Challenge Media Release

High Court Challenge Media Release

My constitutional challenge to Victoria’s abortuary exclusion-zones was heard in the Australian High Court from October 9-11, 2018. Graham Preston’s challenge to Tasmanian exclusion-zones was heard alongside mine.

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Joint statement from Kathleen Clubb and Graham Preston

Kathy Clubb and Graham Preston, appellants in this week’s challenge to the exclusion zone laws in Victoria and Tasmania have issued the following joint statement:
We feel honoured to have been able to argue for the freedom of political communication in our nation’s highest court.
This truly has been a David and Goliath battle.
We have been opposed by the governments of Victoria, Tasmania, the Commonwealth and all other states and the Northern Territory. We have also been opposed by the Castan Human Rights Law Centre and Big Abortion, namely the so-called Fertility Control Clinic.
While we are passionately concerned about the issue of abortion, we realise that this case has far greater implications for many fundamental Australian freedoms, including freedom of speech and political communication.
The so-called exclusion zone legislation affects all Australians. By limiting political communication, the rights of every Australian are affected.
These laws needed to be challenged in the High Court.
We feel privileged to have had our cases heard by the High Court and to have represented the rights of the littlest Australians, the unborn, in their silent cry for life.
We look forward to the decision of the High Court and wish to thank all who have supported us throughout this case.
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Kathy Clubb

Kathy Clubb

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