Judaeo-Christianity's Fight for Its life!
    Judaeo-Christianity’s Fight for its Life!
    aka The erosion of the West’s freedoms by the secular left and Conservative Judaeo Christianity’s fight for its life!

It is my absolute pleasure to be penning my very first article for the brand new website – “The Freedoms Project”, and what better topic to start off with, than of course “Freedom”, and what better place to start than, “In the beginning”.

    In the beginning…

The Judaeo Christian worldview believes this; that ‘in the beginning’; God created male and female, man and woman. He created them in his image (imago dei). He created man and woman to be different in many ways, and in many ways to complement one another.

He created them with similar characteristics and attributes to Himself, as their creator.

As Christians’ we believe that human beings were created by God to be ‘relational’- with God and with one other, we were created to be ‘volitional’- to have a choice about what we think, what we speak and what we do, we were created to be ‘rational’- human beings who can use reason, logic and common sense, we were created to be ’emotional” – to be feeling beings, and finally we were originally created in righteousness.

God created us male and female. He created us to be man and wife, He created us to have children together and be family. He created us for relationship within these foundational paradigms- relationship with Himself – Almighty God and relationship with others.

He created us to have dominion over and subdue the entirety of the earth, which shows that we are both different and more highly esteemed than either plant matter or animals.

Sadly though, the further we progress from what Christians refer to as ‘the fall of man’, the further we march from this perfect blueprint of God’s, and the more we get ‘out of whack’ so to speak, in all of these areas.

To put it bluntly, the world, every single one of us, needs a divine realignment and not today, but yesterday.

    So what does all of this have to do with freedom?

We have looked at the foundations, at “the beginnings” of our world from a Judaeo Christian perspective, now let’s take a look at the Christian concept of “freedom”.

Even right back at the beginning God gave us freedom. We had immense freedom in the Garden of Eden, being able to commune face to face with God, being able to stand naked before our creator, and before our fellow man with no fear and no shame. In the areas that humanity universally values most even today, the areas of loving relationship with God and with our fellow man, God made us free.

Now that’s what I call freedom, and we are certainly a long way from those beginnings today.

We had the freedom to fairly much do as we pleased, to eat from any tree (apart from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), we had the freedom to live in the perfection of God’s garden in security and loving relationship.

And even back then we had freedom of choice; to choose God and God’s ways, under His parameters, or to choose to defy God and go our own way.

Sadly even back then, we chose our own way, we chose evil – we chose enmity with God, we chose enmity with man, we chose self over others. We chose to give up the safety and security of undefiled, loving relationship and we chose to be in enmity with ourselves, with one another, and with the very One who made us.

And indeed, you can see the hideous ramifications of what we gave up right at the beginning, throughout history and to this very day, when now, more than ever before, as prophesied in the Word of God, we are shaking our fists at our creator and our fellow man, even to the point, in particular in recent times, of a pursuing a relentless attack on God Himself and His original foundations.

So in a moment, let’s run briefly , but more specifically, through each of these areas which are currently under attack.

However, before we do that, I think we need to ask 2 quick questions; #1/ Who is attacking the freedoms of the West and #2/ Why?

    Who is attacking the freedoms of the West?

Well the answer to that question is quite simple really. The foundations of the democratic, Judaeo-Christian West are under attack by what most today know as “secular humanism”, but what is essentially; statism, socialism and communism neatly repackaged in sheep’s clothing, and you would probably know quite well from your history books, that communism doesn’t play ‘nice’ with anything which is not, well, communism, and in particular communism does not play well with traditional Judaeo-Christianity, as the pile of dead Jewish and Christian bodies at the end of the 20th century will attest to quite well.

Yep, the secular progressive left have changed the face of the West, to make it almost entirely unrecognisable, since the hippy, dippy, ‘free love’ days of the 1960’s.

In just over just over 50 years progressives have all but completely eroded the Judaeo-Christian foundations of countries such as America, Australia and Europe and the UK.

And interestingly enough, this was actually their plan all along.

So now we come to the question; Why is secular humanism attacking the foundational Judaeo-Christian freedoms of the West?

Well in part we have to look at what secular humanism believes about “in the beginning” to understand that.

Secular humanism believes that we are nothing more than highly evolved animal matter.

There is no God in secularism, and humankind are not made in His image, humans are no better than animals in this post-modern ideology, indeed humanism in this secular millennial generation takes these beliefs much further even than that, not happy just to “free” us all from our outdated religious ideas of a ‘creator God’, secular humanism had to demolish not only God but every foundational understanding of God’s created order as written in God’s word, and as practiced by pretty much every culture and religion over the history of the world, so now, in the 21st century according to secularists, not only is there no creator, no God, there is no creation, no male and female, no man and woman, no man and his wife, no marriage or family, or life as God intended it, there is just the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; evil being the choice secular humanism has chosen, as you will shortly see, in attempting to demolish Judaeo-Christianity.

According to secularism, these “progressives” now have a new and better way of running our world; a way devoid of God and Judaeo-Christian morality, a way which seeks to free itself from religious “domination”, yet which at the same time seeks to dominate all others through it’s own man made “religion” in which the ‘self’ is god.

    So how is secular humanism specifically attacking Judaeo-Christianity and eroding the foundations of Western Civilisation?

1/ God Himself is under attack by secular humanism – Over the few decades, God, and in particular the Judaeo-Christian God, has been almost completely ousted from public life in the West. Any mention of God, the idea of God, The Word of God, public prayer, celebrations of Christmas and Easter, public symbols of Christianity, all these and much more, have been under attack by the secular humanist left.

2/ Judaeo-Christianity is under attack – Secular humanists have hijacked the term “separation of church and state” and like so many other words and phrases that have been hijacked and turned into leftist dogma, they have changed its meaning. Now instead of the original meaning of ‘separation of church and state’, which was instated in order to protect people’s religious liberty and freedom from state-imposed religion, now the term separation of church and state is used by the left in order to try and completely eradicate God from any form of public life including education, politics and the media. They have tried in particular to shut down their perceived worst enemy, Judaeo-Christianity, and I must say, with little or no challenge from the largely apathetic Western church, they have, by and large, succeeded in their quest for Western dominance.

3/ Christians are under attack. Christians are being persecuted and killed world wide and the Secular Humanist West seem to have almost completely washed their hands of it. Even right now in Syria and Iraq, ISIS are currently cleansing their newly-forged territory of Christians and Jews, and in horrific ways, and to a large extent the world doesn’t care and there are some schools of thought which would even say that it’s because the secular humanist west whether consciously or subconsciously, want to eradicate Christianity, so they make a token effort to help in the Middle East, while in reality, many are breathing a secret sigh of relief as Daesh does their dirty work for them. Conservative Christians in particular, are also under attack in the West in more subtle ways, for supposed bigotry and intolerance toward minorities and the left’s protected species such as homosexuals, illegal immigrants, Muslims, women seeking abortion and the list goes on.

4/ Mankind ‘made in God’s image’ is under attack. The abortion industry has killed 1.8 billion babies in just over 43 years. Babies, each one unique, who are made in the image of God are becoming with each passing day something of an endangered species, with secular humanists more likely to be concerned about environmental issues, whales, trees and koalas than they are the 55 million babies who are killed worldwide each and every year, in some cases even up to birth.

5/ Male and female are under attack. Our grandparents would be turning in their graves right now, if it were possible, about the government-endorsed gender madness, which has recently overtaken our culture by storm. My Grandma Ruby who died in her 90’s, only a few short years ago, would be shocked by our moral social decline in such a short time.

6/ Marriage and family are under attack. Homosexual ‘marriage’ has already been legalised in many countries in the West, with Australia currently debating this issue as we speak. This affects the whole of society, but in particular it affects concepts of family, the outworkings of family and the rights of children to have both a biological mother and father parenting together.

So as you can see, these basic Judaeo-Christian foundations of the West are being steadily and consistently eroded by secular humanists who think they know better than God and better than history and most certainly better than Christians and Jews, and this article is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of an introduction to the current decline of the West and Christianity, and Judaeo-Christian foundations and values, and in the coming months I hope to delve more into each one of these areas which are under attack and many more, in a lot more detail.

As Christians we know, of course, that secular humanists couldn’t be more wrong and that the last thing the world needs is for humans to take things even further into their own hands and to walk even further away from God, in the hope of creating some manmade utopia. As Christians we know that what we desperately need is a return to God’s blueprint, which includes, repentance and restored relationship with God and others through the one and only Saviour and Messiah and long a long-awaited Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is much needed, but who is little wanted in this current climate where mankind still thinks he can make everything better by himself.

Indeed Jesus Christ is, and always was intended to be the very antidote to mankind choosing his own way, which is the ultimate goal of secular humanism and why progressivism always has and always will hate him.

And in the meantime we are called, not to enmity with humanity, but to enmity with the fallen ideologies of fallen humanity. We are called as Christians to take up our cross and follow our unpopular, and much-hated Messiah and Saviour and to fight; to be salt and light.

We as Christians and followers of the much-hated and maligned Christ – the Son of the living God – are called do as Christ did and to fight the evils of our day, to stand if need be in the public arena, to stand for LIFE, male and female, man and woman, marriage, family, children, our culture and God-given freedoms.

We are called to fight on our knees, fight with our wits, and if need be fight in the streets. Be courageous, be persevering. Never giving up, ever standing up, following our Lord Jesus Christ and His cross, even to death.

For God’s foundational freedoms we fight. And fight until.. the end.

As Ronald Reagan once aptly said

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

The same goes for Australia.

And as it says in the blessed Word of God in Galations 5:1

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Indeed, let us not.