Labor’s deceitful attack on Christian schools, with Dr Greg Walsh
There is no discrimination by Christian Schools against gay kids.

No kid has ever been expelled for being gay & no school wants to. Yet if you were to believe Labor’s Senator Penny Wong, she claims to be fighting against such discrimination.

Dr Greg Walsh, senior law lecturer at the University of Notre Dame Australia in Sydney joins me to discuss her proposed legislation, the arguments for and against it, and what he thinks the Parliament should do instead.



Where is this discrimination? Leftists can’t point to any examples, and yet Wong is proposing legislation to go beyond schools and school children and remove the ability of all religious educational institutions (seminaries, churches) to maintain the religious ethos and exposes them to litigation under the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) 1984.

This is yet another Trojan horse, a smoke screen while attacking freedom of religion and association by the LGBTIQAX+ fringe activists.

Late last year the Senate referred Labor Senator Penny Wong’s ‘Sex Discrimination Amendment (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018’ to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee. They are accepting submissions up until 21 January 2019.

Please make your voice for freedom heard & write a short submission in support of religious freedoms for faith-based educational institutions today: click here.

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