Pro-abortion billboard: 'It was just health-care'

Pro-abortion billboard in the US: ‘It was just health-care’

It should be no surprise that abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, would want to take the baby-killing industry’s’ ‘shout your abortion’ campaign to the next level. Because that’s exactly what PP have done with their new billboard campaign in the US state of Iowa.

The campaign is being run in response to a recently-passed heartbeat bill, which effectively bans most abortions once a baby’s heartbeat is detected, that is, around 6 week’s gestation. Although narrow exemptions apply, the new law would ensure that doctors ‘conduct an abdominal ultrasound to test for a fetal heartbeat on any woman seeking an abortion. If that heartbeat is detected, a physician cannot perform an abortion.’

Despite polls showing that support for abortion is falling in the state, PP has launched these massive abortion-normalising signs, which feature the faces of actual women who’ve had abortions, stating, “I had an abortion,” then ending with either “and I am not ashamed” or “and it was just health care” or “and I am not apologizing.”

The campaign shows the desperate lengths Planned Parenthood is willing to go to, in order to make abortion seem like a normal medical procedure. Far from mentioning post-abortion grief, the existence of the baby’s heartbeat, or even offering pregnancy support, the signs are part of a push to change the abortion narrative from one of ‘a difficult decision’ to one of a simple, painless choice.

To call an abortion ‘just health care’ is also a blatant lie, as well as being the ultimate insult to all women who choose to give birth – especially under difficult circumstances.

Pro-abortion billboard: 'It was just health-care'