Silence is NOT an option!

Silence is NOT an option!

This message is so dear to my heart. It was given at the launch (4 Nov 2018) of ‘Christians In Politics’, a grass roots self-organisation of some Christians in Newcastle concerned about how we can be better informed about and involved in the future of our nation – our neighbours.

Here’s what one person had to say after the event…


“Dave – very convicting message today. Awesome.

My husband and I arrived with the three noisy kids 🙈😱😩🤪😬 I listened intently as my hubby took the children outside to play.

I felt so convicted, I have never been interested in politics but abortion has been a hot topic since school where I did a major research paper trying to convict my teacher 😂😂

I took notes but also missed parts, is the recording available to listen to? Can I ask you for more info please? Specifically relating to the passage you read about what to write to everyone in my electorate? I would be so grateful to use your wording as a guide to email everyone!!! To encourage my loved ones to take action!

Thank you for the information today, it was excellent!

Regards, Em”



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