Submission to the Termination of Pregnancy Bill Committee

Submission to the QLD Termination of Pregnancy Bill Committee

The latest QLD abortion law reform effort was introduced on 22 August 2018, by the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Yvette  D’Ath. This is the third such attempt to decriminalise abortion in the state in recent years. Organisations and individuals, including medical professionals, counsellors, and members of the public made submissions to a government-appointed committee, which will evaluate them and release a report on October 5th. The bill will then be debated in mid-October.

Details of the bill can be found here on the Queensland Parliament website.

Submission by Debbie Garratt

Debbie Garratt, of Real Choices Australia, made a lengthy submission, comprised of excellent arguments, backed up by evidence. Her submission can be accessed here: 2018-Submission-QLD-RCA (1) Included in her submission is a report by Priscilla Coleman into the relationship between abortion and mental health issues. The report os a meta-analysis of dozens of studies about the after-effects of abortion. Also attached is evidence of the ignorance surrounding current abortion law in Queensland.

[Another contributor to The Freedoms Project, Dave Pellowe, also made a submission, which included many classic pro-life arguments from a natural law point of view. Dave’s submission can be read here]

Debbie Garratt

Debbie Garratt

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