The Patriarchy

The Patriarchy

Those who know me know that I have never considered myself a feminist. I’ve always held on to the radical idea that men and women were put on the earth to help each other out, and not to compete with each other. Before I had my family, I worked in a male-dominated industry, but never felt excluded, passed over or discriminated against. (However, I was once asked to help out in a recording studio when an all-female band wanted an all-female crew. They weren’t interested in my qualifications, just my gender. Isn’t that discrimination?)

Maybe my favourable experience within a male-dominated workplace was coincidence – or maybe, just maybe – this was the fruit of an attitude which sees my femininity as one of my God-given attributes, something to be grateful for and not rebelled against, something which marks us with special features that complement those of our counterparts.

This post is written in gratitude to men and the structures they have created which have benefitted both themselves and women, as well as their mutual children. Along the way, many, many women have contributed to these structures, both directly and indirectly. But it’s dishonest to blame men for most of the world’s ills (something which springs up from time to time, and especially in these days surrounding the Womyn’s March in Washington DC)  while failing to acknowledge that most of the good things we take for granted are the direct result of the work of men.

(Click here to see a video of a Trump supporter cleaning up after the Nasty Womyn at the March. And click here to read how one feminist thinks ultrasound is a despicable tool of the Patriarchy!)


So, I’d like to thank the Patriarchy for:

  • a medical system which generally offers a high standard of treatment to both men and women. (Most medical advances have been contributed by men.)
  • a functional health system which allowed me to give birth safely, at minimal cost. (Most of this health system has been planned and implemented by men.)
  • an education system which is available to both girls and boys of all abilities, of all religions. (Many teachers, especially until the last couple of centuries, have been men.)
  • a legal system which is based on the Ten Commandments – which in turn were handed down to us by the archetypal Patriarch, Moses. (Most lawyers, barristers, police officers, magistrates and judges throughout the ages have been men.)
  • the technology which keeps our modern world functioning and has improved the standard of living for millions around the globe: for the internet, computers, smart phones, electricity, car manufacturing, medical equipment, refrigeration (for which men have provided much of the present and most of the preceding technology)
  • clearing our drains, collecting our garbage, fixing our cars, taking us to dinner and opening the doors for us.
  • For you contributions to the Arts: for your poetry and literature, your paintings and sculptures. You have made the world more beautiful for men and women alike.

The Patriarchy

Would this have been more beautiful if it had been painted by a woman?

  • for signing into US law the defunding of the International Planned parenthood Federation, taking away millions of dollars from this huge conglomerate which pushes abortion and sterilisation onto families in developing nations. (You can read here how feminists at Unilad think this is another Product of the Patriarchy)
  • the desire to protect and nurture their families, which has seen men step up and take responsibility for their loved ones for millenia; braving hardship, war zones, wildernesses, back-breaking manual labour, and hand-to-hand combat for their sakes. Notwithstanding that some men have failed in this area, MOST have persevered and a consistently increasing population throughout the generations, is proof of this. The fact that we are facing a demographic winter only serves to suggest that it is the feminist, contraceptive mentality, which has led to a declining birthrate worldwide.

Thank you to all the men who have taken our sons fishing, taught them how to drive, taken them to soccer. Thanks for taking our daughters shopping and accepting their scrawled drawings. Thanks for doing what we can’t do, and for allowing us to do what you can’t.

And thanks to God the Father, from whom every family takes their name. Because, if you call yourself a Feminist, who is angry with The Patriarchy, aren’t you really saying that God has gotten something wrong?

God didn’t make a mistake when He created us male and female: our sexuality isn’t something broken that needs to be fixed.

The sooner we drop these insulting, discriminatory titles and learn to get on together, the better. In gratitude for one other.



Kathy Clubb

Kathy Clubb

Editor, The Freedoms Project

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