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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 16:59

Scoring for the Good Guys and Gals

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  Prayers have been answered.  

The Abortuary in Hobart, the last one, has closed its doors. The chap who calls himself a Doctor but who brings shame on his profession, has thrown in the bloodied towel and gone back to the sinful city of Melbourne.

  Some may know that I am rarely to be found in the Tavern on a Tuesday. I have a vigil outside the abortuary, saying a Rosary. I have become something of a fixture there, albeit just once a week, and passers-by smile, greet me as they pass and some even stop to talk. They were taking a risk, being kind to an old man who was defying the wicked law that would have me jailed for a year and fined near to $10,000.   And as the new year dawned, so did a sale sign on the building. Tom Clift saw it too.

Tasmania’s Only Dedicated Abortion Clinic Has Been Closed

  Tasmania’s only dedicated abortion clinic has closed its doors, leaving women requiring surgical abortions faced with the prospect of having to travel interstate.

Or cherishing and nurturing the life in their wombs.

Dr Paul Hyland ran the Specialist Gynaecology Centre in Hobart, but said that a combination of rising costs and a decrease in demand led to the clinic being shuttered at the end of 2017. It follows the closure of his clinic in Launceston the year before.     Tasmanian Health Minister Michael Ferguson is anti-abortion, and campaigned with church leaders against the introduction of RU486 in the state. But Hyland told the ABC that the minister needed to be “pragmatic about the services that are required to Tasmanian people disregarding his own personal values”.

For Dr Hyland to appeal to him 'disregarding his own personal values' is  rich.  Hyland's personal values are in his wallet.

“In the year 2000 when we set up shop there were 25 to 30 surgical terminations of pregnancy a week,” Hyland told BuzzFeed earlier this week. “When Tasmania got medical terminations [in 2013] that went into rapid decline. We’d be running at a loss if we kept going for the handful of surgical patients we get every week.”

According to Hyland, a majority of women in Tasmania who seek a termination do so via a medical abortion using the drug RU486, a process which is feasible for the first nine weeks of the pregnancy. After that, a surgical abortion is required. Asked what women who required a surgical option would do, Hyland replied “you’ll have to ask the government.”

Better to ask her husband. Better to ask her to think deeply.

According to the ABC, the closure of Hyland’s clinic means there is only one place in the state currently offering surgical abortions — a private gynaecological clinic in Hobart where the procedure can cost up to $2,500.

  Scoring for the Good Boys and Gals ' Protesters' - you know, the kind, loving ones  who throw eggs at Christians praying,  suggest a return to the coat hanger  is on the cards. As if ! What is the matter with these people?  

Meanwhile, the chief executive of Family Planning Tasmania has warned that some women requiring an abortion may be forced to travel interstate — a situation he described as “absolutely not ideal”.

“Travel before or after the procedure is not advised,” Cedric Manen told the ABC. “Also in any recovery-type situation it’s best to have your friends and family surrounding you … the women would have very little support.”


Indeed, it is best to have loving, caring friends and family with the mother to help her cherish and nurture the baby.  As for women otherwise not having support, they should contact my good friend Gaylene at Esther's House. [See website here.]


[box] "I had support from the moment my call was answered. A lady from Esther's House came to my home on the same day I called them. I knew I had choices but I didn't realise how many I had. Esther's House supported me to get all of the information I needed to make the right choice for me and my baby. I'm so grateful that I made that call. My baby is due in October." Emma[/box]


A spokesperson for the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services told BuzzFeed the state government was “currently investigating options regarding the provision of surgical terminations,” and that “women requiring information regarding pregnancy termination should contact their general practitioner for advice.


This is a 'Liberal' Government which has had a full term opportunity to rescind the legislation brought in by the previous Labour-Green government. It has signally FAILED to even address the issue.

That legislation not only prescribed jail sentences and fines for even one such as I for saying a Rosary within 150 metres of Hyland's abortuary, but obliged other doctors to recommend that pregnant mothers go to Hyland. This was and is a Fascist law that forces all pregnant patients to just one private business, in business to kill their babies. What next? Everyone has to be told of one particular tyre seller for their car needs? Every pharmacy must give their customers a list of just one cheap and nasty chemist that sells 'generics'?  Hold a sign up within 150 mtrs of McDonalds and get a $10,000 fine? What is next has already been decided. The taxpayer will fund those who want to kill their baby to fly to Melbourne The mind boggles. The heart grieves.

Logic and reasonableness has virtually disappeared from our elected representatives. Most have done as Hyland suggested and disregarded their personal values. Those that had any that didn't involved the slaughter of babies, that is. The rest seemed happy enough to vote in the fascist, vicious law.

As reason and logic could not win, one needed to appeal to a Higher Authority. Hence my Supplier telling me to have a word with His Mother. She would do something about it. And she has. Pray the Rosary.

It is your weapon. My weapon of choice, in public, as I cannot take my sword into the streets.

  Scoring for the Good Guys and Gals   The Combat Rosary is based upon the original pull chain rosary that was commissioned and procured by, believe it or not, the U.S. government and issued by the military, upon request, to soldiers serving in World War I.

Drink deep of Grace.

Give Thanks and Gratitude. And do NOT vote any of those b******s back into office. Get rid of the lot of them. I won't bother taking bets that the Law will remain on the books ad infinitum, despite there being no abortuary there any more. And, again, if you know of a pregnant mum who needs a hand, tell her of Esther's House. Pax 


Knackered Old Knight and blogger/innkeeper at The Knight & Drummer

An Australian now, he was born and bred an Englishman but has stood on a town-hall stage, raised a hand and said ‘G’Day’. A respect for the social fabric is tempered by a fine sense of judgement and foolhardiness which sees him defying immoral and anti-Christian Laws. He may be found every week outside the Hobart Abortuary saying his Rosary, despite the threats of jail. Fines are no good for one so poor. The police no longer even tell him to ‘move along’ as he moves very slowly anyway.