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Sunday, 03 July 2016 01:08

Redefining Choice: The Use of Aborted Fetuses in Australia

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It is also apparent that many Australians have a conscientious objection to being involved in such research, even if that involvement is as consumers of a product developed from the research. Read the rest at Online Opinion: 

Kathy Clubb

Founder and Editor of The Freedoms Project

Kathy has been active in pro-life work for 6 years and was involved in a constitutional challenge to Victoria’s exclusion-zone laws. She is the Melbourne co-ordinator for Family Life International and is a member of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. Kathy began writing about pro-life and Catholic issues at Light up the but broadened her range of topics as she came to learn more about the many threats to freedom which are common to all Christians.

Kathy home-educates her youngest 6 children and considers her family to be her most important pro-life work.