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Thursday, 18 July 2019 00:11

Why Trump must deal with Antifa now, or risk bloodbath later on

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In case you haven’t heard, antifa is celebrating its first American martyr.

This is a big deal. Every communist revolutionary movement needs a martyr.

But if you rely on mainstream news, you are probably unaware of what happened on Saturday because there’s been a virtual news blackout by the major media networks.

We’ve been told nothing about the background of the guy who tried to firebomb an ICE detention center Saturday in Tacoma, Washington. Nobody in Congress or the White House is talking about it, either.

On Republican congressional Twitter accounts, you’ll see tweet after tweet on the usual Washington political drivel. Nothing about the 69-year-old domestic terrorist Willem Van Spronsen, a resident of Vashon Island, proud member of antifa and the notorious John Brown Gun Club.

Van Spronsen’s ties to antifa have been completely covered up by the media.

Meanwhile the news cycle is totally taken over by the mindless back and forth between President Trump and four female members of the Democrat “squad” in Congress. Even Trump has been curiously silent about the domestic terrorist attack that took place in Tacoma.

Van Spronsen was killed in an apparent shootout with ICE agents, who confronted him as he approached the migrant detention center with a semi-automatic rifle and started throwing homemade firebombs at vehicles and a propane tank.

The incident took place as legions of left-wing activists were protesting pre-announced ICE raids designed to apprehend about 2,000 illegal aliens in up to 10 cities.

“This could have resulted in the mass murder of staff and detainees housed at the facility had he been successful at setting the tank ablaze,” said Shawn Fallah, who heads the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility, in a statement. “These are the kinds of incidents that keep you up at night.”

Antifa is eulogizing Van Spronsen as a hero and a “martyr for the cause.”

Van Spronsen was a member of the John Brown Gun Club, a communist paramilitary organization based in Puget Sound. I can remember, not that long ago, when the presence of a communist paramilitary organization on U.S. soil would have been considered a serious crime. How times have changed.

And he even left a manifesto. Our media is usually very interested in letters and manifestos left by terrorists. In this case, though, they exhibit zero curiosity.

Again, you have to search Twitter to find the goods on Mr. Van Spronsen, the antifa martyr.

This is the third violent attack by antifa in less than a month. Just a couple of weeks ago, conservative journalist Andy Ngo was beaten by antifa thugs at a rally in Portland, Oregon, suffering a brain hemorrhage.

It’s about to get ugly, folks, especially if the FBI and local law enforcement continue to stand down against antifa anarchists.

According to the website Far Left Watch, which tracks radicalized left-wing groups, antifa-affiliated radicals have been raising money for arms in preparation for an all-out revolution.

[Photo below: Antifa-affiliated groups such as this ‘red guard’ in Texas is arming up. Photo/Far-Left Watch]


Screen Shot 2019 07 18 at 10.42.20 am


The firebombing incident in Tacoma illustrates why Trump should never have announced weeks in advance that he planned to have ICE do a roundup of illegals. This gave antifa activists time to plan nationwide protests, and a near-tragic terrorist attack.

If you are going to do a police raid, preserving the element of surprise is critical to the success of the operation. You go in during the middle of the night and haul out the lawbreaker in handcuffs. You don’t announce it. By announcing the raid, Trump gave the illegal migrants a chance to secure a hideout, find lawyers and get advice from Soros-backed immigrant rights groups. Not to mention the possibility of a well-planned violent reprisal, jeopardizing the safety of ICE agents.

[Photo below: Antifa thugs carry a banner that says “F – – – Trump” and flags bearing the communist hammer and sycle. Photo/Far Left Watch]


Screen Shot 2019 07 18 at 10.29.06 am


It makes you wonder if Trump really ever planned to arrest 2,000 illegal aliens, or if this really was, as some Democrats charged, just a political stunt aimed at placating his base. And why only 2,000 when there are estimates of up to 30 million illegals now living in the U.S.?

If Trump doesn’t up his game on immigration, and if the economy dips a bit next year, I have real concerns about the 2020 elections. 

The firebombing incident in Tacoma illustrates why Trump should never have announced weeks in advance that he planned to have ICE do a roundup of illegals. This gave antifa activists time to plan nationwide protests, and a near-tragic terrorist attack.

But there is an even bigger concern than election results.

What happens if nothing is done over the next year to rein in this violent communist movement led by antifa?

It is my belief that the radical wing that now controls the Democrat Party wants to have antifa armed, trained and ready to conduct some serious “house cleaning” after they are finally rid of Donald Trump.

You see, Trump is the least of their worries. It’s the fact that we still have enough Americans willing to elect someone like Trump that fuels their hatred. They want to make sure that never happens again. They need to punish Trump supporters.

Once Democrats retake the White House and the Justice Department is once again headed by someone like Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder, antifa thugs will be unleashed on Trump-supporting Americans in cities across the USA. Bank on it. They will be hunting scalps. If antifa is allowed to train and grow its ranks, it will happen, whether in 2020, 2024 or 2028. Their masters demand it. They crave civil war.

It’s no coincidence that AOC and the other radicals on the “squad” refused to condemn Saturday’s near-tragic antifa attack. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, won’t even condemn al-Qaida or the Muslim Brotherhood.

We hear a lot about hate, haters, and hate groups in America today.

But the vigilance against hate only applies to folks who disagree with the left.

If you articulate a conservative opinion on immigration, about a particular religion, or abortion, you will be declared a hater, racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, and possibly have your social-media accounts suspended.

But when an actual act of hate is carried out by one of their own, the progressive left who dominate the mainstream media can be counted on to suddenly lose their voices. They have nothing to say about Willem Van Spronsen. Nothing to write.

Tacoma, Washington, was just the latest example of this.

Many Americans say they’re not interested in engaging in culture wars. I have news for them. The culture wars are interested in you, and these wars are quickly escalating from name-calling into violent outbursts by an increasingly radicalized leftist element. Are you ready? Congress sure isn’t. And I’m not convinced that the FBI, Justice Department or your local law-enforcement agency is, either.


Leo Hohmann

Leo Hohmann is a veteran investigative reporter and author whose recent book, “Stealth Invasion” spent the majority of 2017 among’s top 10 books about immigration policy. He has spent decades researching and writing about education, immigration, crime, politics and religion. His articles have appeared at, Frontpage Magazine, Whistleblower Magazine, Jihad Watch, the Drudge Report, Refugee Resettlement Watch and many other websites and publications. Hohmann has been interviewed by dozens of local and national radio hosts including Laura Ingraham, Alex Jones, Daniel Horowitz, Larry Elder, George Noory of Coast to Coast, and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. His mission has always been to fearlessly report truths about the great issues of our time and connect the dots, wherever they may lead.